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Dress Up Dull Concrete With Delightful Concrete Overlays!

Concrete College Station TX (2)Concrete is a great material for flooring, since it is durable, efficient, inexpensive and plentiful as well as environmentally friendly as well. The only real drawbacks to using concrete as flooring is that it can be very plain and sometimes crack or sustain other damage that is difficult to repair. With advancements in the use of concrete, there is no reason to have surfaces that are damaged or look bad. Since the development of concrete overlays in College Station Texas, a variety of options are available to refinish floors and many other areas rather than a complete redesign. With concrete overlays, time and money is saved; the best benefit of all may be the beautiful creations that can be made, turning any plain surface into a work of art.

Concrete Overlays

Concrete overlays are basically just that – a layer of material overlaid on existing concrete surfaces to create a new finish. The material is the same cement used for regular floors mixed with a variety of polymers or epoxies to change the consistency, giving both strength and greater durability than concrete surfaces alone. Through methods such as skim coating, sprayed-on layers, troweled-down layers, self-leveling mixture application, and stamped coatings, it is possible to give an existing surface a new look and life without a complete redesign.


The real benefit of using overlays is the many different finishes that can be created, easily turning any bland floor, counter top, patio, or other space into something spectacular. It can even help renovate a bathroom, including the tub or shower surround, creating a seamless surface that is easier to keep clean with no mold growth. Kitchen counters with the look of granite or marble are more affordable and can completely transform the look of an entire room. Even sink tops and vanities can be finished with concrete overlay.

Depending on the type of overlay, material used, and treatment used when curing, it is possible to recreate the look and texture of just about any type of natural material: brick, cobblestone, wood, and even water. By stamping, coloring with dyes, painting with colored epoxies, and inlaying metal or even metallic flake, any overlay can take on the appearance of much more expensive material, whether that look is one of hand-tiled porcelain or the most expensive marble. Add the fact that concrete overlays in College Station can also be buffed and polished to a high shine – the possibilities are endless.


There is a lot of choice on how to use concrete overlays for refinishing a surface, both with application and the final look. While overlays are often a great solution, there are always some times when it just is not suitable, such as with concrete that has deep or wide cracks or a surface that is either sagging or unbalanced.

Barring such concerns, overlays can really transform a room. If interested in this method, consult a contractor experienced in concrete overlays who can assist in the decision-making process to achieve the desired results. Answers can be given as whether a surface can be overlaid, by which process, and the final cost.

For anyone interested in breathing new life into an area by adding the look of expensive surfaces and detailed designs, how well concrete overlays in College Station TX can work should definitely be considered. Contact a local concrete design expert to discuss the endless design possibilities!


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Turn Drab Into Dazzling with Stamped Concrete!

stamped_concrete_college_stationUseful for endless types of applications, concrete is a cost-effective and versatile material for floors, walkways and much more. It can be surfaced in many ways, offering attractive and creative finishes. Embellishing cement surfaces with stamped concrete in College Station TX is a great way to have attractive designs in an otherwise plain walkway or floor – and best of all, it is easy to do. With a little bit of time and the right stamps, a concrete surface can become an attractive design element.

Great Designs With Color and Pattern

Since this type of surfacing has recently grown in popularity, there are hundreds of concrete stamp patterns available to create unique surfaces in any newly poured concrete. It is possible to add intricate designs as well as duplicate the look of other material such as brick, stone, cobblestone, and more. Colors can be added to accentuate designs and mimic natural material that offer an authentic appearance. This can reasonably add a hint of luxury to any property, especially when using the actual surface is cost prohibitive or not the best choice for a particular surface.

Installing Stamped Concrete

Putting in a stamped concrete College Station Texas surface is basically the same as any other concrete installation with a little extra designing done at the end. After choosing the stamp and a layout plan, the real work begins. Cement barriers and forms should be laid to contain the wet cement, the surface dug, leveled, and prepared with gravel and sand then compacted to be ready for the cement.

Once the cement is poured and leveled, the creativity can begin! Section by section, a stamp can be applied onto the wet cement and either walked on or pounded down just enough to leave an impression in the wet surface and then allowed to dry.

With color, there are two different ways in which this can be done. The easiest way is to pour already-colored cement which will give a uniform color with no extra work after the stamping. The other perhaps more creative option for adding color is by dying the top surface of the wet cement with pigment that gets rubbed and blended in. Unfortunately, if the concrete chips or cracks, the color underneath will just be plain concrete.

Caring for Stamped and Colored Concrete

Since concrete can crack, chip and sustain wear from frequent use or the elements, it is recommendable to seal such areas with a good cement sealer to hold the color and keep the top surface in good condition. Sealant should be reapplied every two to three years – and more often in harsher climates that might cause them to wear out sooner. With the right maintenance, any extra work that went into the creation of an interesting and attractive surface will be well worth the effort.

When looking to improve lots and landscaping or add value and curb appeal to homes, stamped concrete in College Station for patios, walkways, driveways and other areas should be considered. It can really add that special touch to a nice-looking property at an affordable price!

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If you want to add a touch of luxury, consider using stamped concrete in College Station TX. Call Exquisite Concrete Designs at (979) 218-0174 today and let them create a masterpiece in concrete for you!
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Designing With Concrete Offers Nearly Endless Choices!

Concrete designs college stationWith architectural design, it is often assumed that any reference to concrete means cement, that sidewalk material. While technically correct, concrete used in building design refers to a whole lot more than sidewalks. Because of newer methods to lay and surface concrete, it has become a preferred surface for interior and exterior – for flooring, walkways, patios and more. Concrete designs in College Station TX have come a long way from plain, bland surfaces – the things that can be created with concrete today is truly remarkable.

Is It Really Concrete?

Marble tile adds a nice, luxurious touch to any home – at quite an expense. Slate is indeed durable and attractive flooring after surviving all the installation work. Inlaid tile mosaics are exceptional, although hiring an artist to create something like that is not anywhere near cost effective, even if it is a custom home or building.

The above flooring ideas are on many a wish list and tend to stay there due to cost and effort. The one thing held in common is the ability to create impeccable imitations at a much lower cost with much less work involved – and the magic material to fill that ticket is none other than concrete. There are now so many new and innovative concrete designs in College Station Texas to configure concrete that the possibilities are endless. With the right process and artistic flair, any cement floor can be turned into an impressive concrete work of art.

Plentiful Textures, Colors and Patterns

Concrete used as a flooring can be surfaced in so many ways; just about any effect can be accomplished. With dyes the color of the rainbow, it is possible to create faux textures, patterns, mosaics, and other surface designs that, when properly done, look uncannily like the real thing. In addition, special coatings and sealants are applied on top to make them slip-proof, stain-proof, and durable enough to be in a garage – or polished enough to look at home in a palace.

Floors can be stamped with patterns, defined to look like expensive marble and infused to look filled with gold dust to add an opulent feeling. Concrete designs College Station style can be etched, engraved, inlaid, painted, brushed, stained, stenciled, and decorated to create the most beautiful interior and impressive outdoor designs like cobblestone, natural stone, brick and more. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Concrete Design Benefits

Although the obvious benefit to designing with concrete is to have durable flooring, there are benefits as well. When properly sealed and maintained, such surfaces need little care other than damp mopping to keep them clean. With no seams or joints, they stay cleaner in general; after polishing to a high gloss, concrete does not even require waxing to stay beautiful looking. Mildew, mold, and dust retention is minimal, stains are virtually unheard of, and it is more environmentally friendly than most other flooring options.

With so much to offer in the way of look, convenience, and reduced cost, it is no wonder that concrete is a favorite choice for flooring. Concrete designs College Station TX are a great way to improve the appearance of any room while increasing value as well. When wanting a durable yet impressive inside or outside flooring, don’t forget to consider the endless possibilities that exist by using that old sidewalk medium known as cement!


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What You Must Know About Concrete Overlays!

Concrete Overlays College StationConcrete overlays are a type of concrete product that is becoming a popular outdoor and indoor choice for flooring and other surfaces when a new look, greater durability, and more versatility is desired without having to go through the removal of one flooring in order to install a completely new surface. This unique type of floor covering is conveniently laid over most existing surfaces such as concrete, wood, plaster, or cement board, which makes concrete overlays in College Station TX a durable and effective way to restore flooring and walkways, preserve finishes and even level uneven floors.

While it is true that all overlays do cover existing surfaces in one way or another, there are many different application methods that can be used to spread each type of material over a surface, depending upon the different surfaces that will be covered and the functional appearance that is desired from the end result.

Overlay Synopsis

Concrete overlays in College Station involve applying a product similar to concrete over existing floors, walkways, and other surfaces. The thickness of the applied mix varies from 1/8 to an inch thick, depending on the material being covered, desired durability, and necessary preparation to the underlying surface once the overlay is applied. This makes it possible to create the appearance of different types of poured, stamped, and polished concrete including fieldstone, marble, brick, and non-slip footing as an example. Polymer additives are included in the mix so it can be spread as a liquid; it also allows for dyes to be added to provide coloring.

Different Application Methods

This versatile material application process is designed to accommodate many different types of surface needs.

  • Spray On – Overlay mix is applied with an air spray gun over existing concrete as a refinish that can be textured for appearance by splattering, stenciling, or many other ways to leave visual texture or create a non-slip surface.
  • Self-Leveling – Using a thicker pumped-in application forms a bulkier layer that will level itself if the floors are uneven. It is suitable for engraving designs as well as decorative wood or metal inlays to create a thicker layer.
  • Stamped – Similar to regular stamped concrete, applying a layer of mix to the surface is involved followed by stamping to imprint patterns and textures as well as dye to include color. Since it is an overlay, the process is much less labor and time intensive than an actual stamped concrete surface.
  • Micro-Layers – This method applies super thin layers of overlay mix over existing surfaces to add color or some kind of decorative effect or surface finish. Color is usually added either into the mix or applied by hand afterward for artistic appeal.

Maintenance Requirements

Concrete overlay surfaces are easy to keep clean; they should be sealed for protection and then resealed every two to three years depending on wear. Indoors, a beautiful surface is provided that can be buffed to a shine; outdoors, the life of other concrete areas can be extended when properly sealed and maintained.

When thinking about flooring surfaces that need to be repaired or refinished, concrete overlays in College Station Texas can get a home back in shape. With the many options available for this type of flooring as well as the numerous means of application, overlays provide quick and affordable solutions for problem surfaces!

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