Concrete designs college stationWith architectural design, it is often assumed that any reference to concrete means cement, that sidewalk material. While technically correct, concrete used in building design refers to a whole lot more than sidewalks. Because of newer methods to lay and surface concrete, it has become a preferred surface for interior and exterior – for flooring, walkways, patios and more. Concrete designs in College Station TX have come a long way from plain, bland surfaces – the things that can be created with concrete today is truly remarkable.

Is It Really Concrete?

Marble tile adds a nice, luxurious touch to any home – at quite an expense. Slate is indeed durable and attractive flooring after surviving all the installation work. Inlaid tile mosaics are exceptional, although hiring an artist to create something like that is not anywhere near cost effective, even if it is a custom home or building.

The above flooring ideas are on many a wish list and tend to stay there due to cost and effort. The one thing held in common is the ability to create impeccable imitations at a much lower cost with much less work involved – and the magic material to fill that ticket is none other than concrete. There are now so many new and innovative concrete designs in College Station Texas to configure concrete that the possibilities are endless. With the right process and artistic flair, any cement floor can be turned into an impressive concrete work of art.

Plentiful Textures, Colors and Patterns

Concrete used as a flooring can be surfaced in so many ways; just about any effect can be accomplished. With dyes the color of the rainbow, it is possible to create faux textures, patterns, mosaics, and other surface designs that, when properly done, look uncannily like the real thing. In addition, special coatings and sealants are applied on top to make them slip-proof, stain-proof, and durable enough to be in a garage – or polished enough to look at home in a palace.

Floors can be stamped with patterns, defined to look like expensive marble and infused to look filled with gold dust to add an opulent feeling. Concrete designs College Station style can be etched, engraved, inlaid, painted, brushed, stained, stenciled, and decorated to create the most beautiful interior and impressive outdoor designs like cobblestone, natural stone, brick and more. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Concrete Design Benefits

Although the obvious benefit to designing with concrete is to have durable flooring, there are benefits as well. When properly sealed and maintained, such surfaces need little care other than damp mopping to keep them clean. With no seams or joints, they stay cleaner in general; after polishing to a high gloss, concrete does not even require waxing to stay beautiful looking. Mildew, mold, and dust retention is minimal, stains are virtually unheard of, and it is more environmentally friendly than most other flooring options.

With so much to offer in the way of look, convenience, and reduced cost, it is no wonder that concrete is a favorite choice for flooring. Concrete designs College Station TX are a great way to improve the appearance of any room while increasing value as well. When wanting a durable yet impressive inside or outside flooring, don’t forget to consider the endless possibilities that exist by using that old sidewalk medium known as cement!


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