stamped_concrete_college_stationUseful for endless types of applications, concrete is a cost-effective and versatile material for floors, walkways and much more. It can be surfaced in many ways, offering attractive and creative finishes. Embellishing cement surfaces with stamped concrete in College Station TX is a great way to have attractive designs in an otherwise plain walkway or floor – and best of all, it is easy to do. With a little bit of time and the right stamps, a concrete surface can become an attractive design element.

Great Designs With Color and Pattern

Since this type of surfacing has recently grown in popularity, there are hundreds of concrete stamp patterns available to create unique surfaces in any newly poured concrete. It is possible to add intricate designs as well as duplicate the look of other material such as brick, stone, cobblestone, and more. Colors can be added to accentuate designs and mimic natural material that offer an authentic appearance. This can reasonably add a hint of luxury to any property, especially when using the actual surface is cost prohibitive or not the best choice for a particular surface.

Installing Stamped Concrete

Putting in a stamped concrete College Station Texas surface is basically the same as any other concrete installation with a little extra designing done at the end. After choosing the stamp and a layout plan, the real work begins. Cement barriers and forms should be laid to contain the wet cement, the surface dug, leveled, and prepared with gravel and sand then compacted to be ready for the cement.

Once the cement is poured and leveled, the creativity can begin! Section by section, a stamp can be applied onto the wet cement and either walked on or pounded down just enough to leave an impression in the wet surface and then allowed to dry.

With color, there are two different ways in which this can be done. The easiest way is to pour already-colored cement which will give a uniform color with no extra work after the stamping. The other perhaps more creative option for adding color is by dying the top surface of the wet cement with pigment that gets rubbed and blended in. Unfortunately, if the concrete chips or cracks, the color underneath will just be plain concrete.

Caring for Stamped and Colored Concrete

Since concrete can crack, chip and sustain wear from frequent use or the elements, it is recommendable to seal such areas with a good cement sealer to hold the color and keep the top surface in good condition. Sealant should be reapplied every two to three years – and more often in harsher climates that might cause them to wear out sooner. With the right maintenance, any extra work that went into the creation of an interesting and attractive surface will be well worth the effort.

When looking to improve lots and landscaping or add value and curb appeal to homes, stamped concrete in College Station for patios, walkways, driveways and other areas should be considered. It can really add that special touch to a nice-looking property at an affordable price!

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