Concrete Overlays College StationConcrete overlays are a type of concrete product that is becoming a popular outdoor and indoor choice for flooring and other surfaces when a new look, greater durability, and more versatility is desired without having to go through the removal of one flooring in order to install a completely new surface. This unique type of floor covering is conveniently laid over most existing surfaces such as concrete, wood, plaster, or cement board, which makes concrete overlays in College Station TX a durable and effective way to restore flooring and walkways, preserve finishes and even level uneven floors.

While it is true that all overlays do cover existing surfaces in one way or another, there are many different application methods that can be used to spread each type of material over a surface, depending upon the different surfaces that will be covered and the functional appearance that is desired from the end result.

Overlay Synopsis

Concrete overlays in College Station involve applying a product similar to concrete over existing floors, walkways, and other surfaces. The thickness of the applied mix varies from 1/8 to an inch thick, depending on the material being covered, desired durability, and necessary preparation to the underlying surface once the overlay is applied. This makes it possible to create the appearance of different types of poured, stamped, and polished concrete including fieldstone, marble, brick, and non-slip footing as an example. Polymer additives are included in the mix so it can be spread as a liquid; it also allows for dyes to be added to provide coloring.

Different Application Methods

This versatile material application process is designed to accommodate many different types of surface needs.

  • Spray On – Overlay mix is applied with an air spray gun over existing concrete as a refinish that can be textured for appearance by splattering, stenciling, or many other ways to leave visual texture or create a non-slip surface.
  • Self-Leveling – Using a thicker pumped-in application forms a bulkier layer that will level itself if the floors are uneven. It is suitable for engraving designs as well as decorative wood or metal inlays to create a thicker layer.
  • Stamped – Similar to regular stamped concrete, applying a layer of mix to the surface is involved followed by stamping to imprint patterns and textures as well as dye to include color. Since it is an overlay, the process is much less labor and time intensive than an actual stamped concrete surface.
  • Micro-Layers – This method applies super thin layers of overlay mix over existing surfaces to add color or some kind of decorative effect or surface finish. Color is usually added either into the mix or applied by hand afterward for artistic appeal.

Maintenance Requirements

Concrete overlay surfaces are easy to keep clean; they should be sealed for protection and then resealed every two to three years depending on wear. Indoors, a beautiful surface is provided that can be buffed to a shine; outdoors, the life of other concrete areas can be extended when properly sealed and maintained.

When thinking about flooring surfaces that need to be repaired or refinished, concrete overlays in College Station Texas can get a home back in shape. With the many options available for this type of flooring as well as the numerous means of application, overlays provide quick and affordable solutions for problem surfaces!

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