Concrete College Station TX (2)Concrete is a great material for flooring, since it is durable, efficient, inexpensive and plentiful as well as environmentally friendly as well. The only real drawbacks to using concrete as flooring is that it can be very plain and sometimes crack or sustain other damage that is difficult to repair. With advancements in the use of concrete, there is no reason to have surfaces that are damaged or look bad. Since the development of concrete overlays in College Station Texas, a variety of options are available to refinish floors and many other areas rather than a complete redesign. With concrete overlays, time and money is saved; the best benefit of all may be the beautiful creations that can be made, turning any plain surface into a work of art.

Concrete Overlays

Concrete overlays are basically just that – a layer of material overlaid on existing concrete surfaces to create a new finish. The material is the same cement used for regular floors mixed with a variety of polymers or epoxies to change the consistency, giving both strength and greater durability than concrete surfaces alone. Through methods such as skim coating, sprayed-on layers, troweled-down layers, self-leveling mixture application, and stamped coatings, it is possible to give an existing surface a new look and life without a complete redesign.


The real benefit of using overlays is the many different finishes that can be created, easily turning any bland floor, counter top, patio, or other space into something spectacular. It can even help renovate a bathroom, including the tub or shower surround, creating a seamless surface that is easier to keep clean with no mold growth. Kitchen counters with the look of granite or marble are more affordable and can completely transform the look of an entire room. Even sink tops and vanities can be finished with concrete overlay.

Depending on the type of overlay, material used, and treatment used when curing, it is possible to recreate the look and texture of just about any type of natural material: brick, cobblestone, wood, and even water. By stamping, coloring with dyes, painting with colored epoxies, and inlaying metal or even metallic flake, any overlay can take on the appearance of much more expensive material, whether that look is one of hand-tiled porcelain or the most expensive marble. Add the fact that concrete overlays in College Station can also be buffed and polished to a high shine – the possibilities are endless.


There is a lot of choice on how to use concrete overlays for refinishing a surface, both with application and the final look. While overlays are often a great solution, there are always some times when it just is not suitable, such as with concrete that has deep or wide cracks or a surface that is either sagging or unbalanced.

Barring such concerns, overlays can really transform a room. If interested in this method, consult a contractor experienced in concrete overlays who can assist in the decision-making process to achieve the desired results. Answers can be given as whether a surface can be overlaid, by which process, and the final cost.

For anyone interested in breathing new life into an area by adding the look of expensive surfaces and detailed designs, how well concrete overlays in College Station TX can work should definitely be considered. Contact a local concrete design expert to discuss the endless design possibilities!


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