Whether you seek elegant, rustic, southwestern, old world or traditional décor, acid stained concrete floors are a great choice. Acid staining transforms your ordinary concrete into extraordinary works of art.

To achieve these beautiful floors, special stains are formulated to chemically react with the concrete’s lime content. These stains lightly etch a color into the concrete surface. This method can be used on new or old concrete slabs. However, the results are not always predictable due to lime leeching, weathering, surface texture, or exposure to other chemicals, and results may vary wide project to project. Mottling that occurs in the acid stain process can create rich tones and complex, almost translucent textures that mimic granite, marble, or to highlight natural variations in the concrete. Our skilled artisans can create a wide range of effects by using different staining techniques, therefore, creating a one of a kind floor for each customer.

Whether it be a single color acid stained floor or a complex multicolored design, acid stained floors give the appearance of extremely expensive flooring at the fraction of the cost. Acid stained floors are the most versatile, creative and durable floor on the market.

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