Fewer homes are being sold today than ever before, largely due to economic conditions. Just because the desire to upgrade into a nicer home cannot be done doesn’t mean there aren’t endless ways to improve existing properties. As an affordable compromise, redecorating and renovating can give a fresh look to any home from its roof all the way down to its floors – and everything in between. Looking at options with stained concrete is a great choice; it is a great way to redo dull, tired floors, and turn them into works of art to fully change a room.

Stained Concrete Flooring – What Is It?

Concrete designs have been used as a flooring surface for centuries due to its lower cost in comparison to many other materials, ease of application, and durability; however, over time it can get dirty, scuffed, and weathered. Concrete staining is one method currently used to improve both indoor and outdoor concrete without having to replace the entire surface. By applying a dye to cement surfaces that have been specifically prepared, an old and tired-looking walkway or floor can come to life with the warmth of natural hues.

Concrete staining methods can be used on existing cement surfaces for a more natural appearance or on specifically textured and surfaced areas like new concrete flooring that has been stamped first. Staining makes an easy and convenient choice for interior walls, counters, and fixtures; it can be used in multiple shades to create a look of natural, multiple-colored flagstone or other types of stone. When used indoors, sealed stained concrete as see in College Station homes will polish and shine nicely.

Decorative Concrete versus the Real Thing

Because of the ease with which this process can be used to create “faux” surfaces – created versions of wood, stone, slate, marble, ceramic and many others – stained concrete is many times the more reasonable option to gain such looks without the high cost otherwise associated with floors made from the actual material itself. It is a wise economical choice by lasting longer than most other floors, polishing well time after time, and making chips and cracks repairable.

Created concrete floors can also drastically reduce the amount of natural material being harvested or quarried to create the luxury appearance of many favored surfaces like certain woods, stones, minerals, etc. It also greatly reduces the labor involved to fit and install such material as the top surface of the existing cement just needs to be treated, while newly poured concrete floors can be treated after having set and dried.

An Environmentally Friendly Choice

For those considering either staining existing surfaces or a new one, decorative concrete flooring offers quite a few other eco-friendly benefits besides reducing natural material use. Concrete can drastically lower utility bills as it is thermo-protective, keeping climate – whether warm or cool – inside, preventing energy from escaping through the floors. Cleaning is fast and easy with a broom and/or damp mop. Dust and mold is reduced to a minimum, which is both easier to clean and healthier for all household member, especially those with allergies.

One good coating of sealant over newly stained concrete repeated every year leaves a surface that can be polished to stay beautiful. Should it ever need to be replaced or removed, the resulting waste material is completely recyclable. Considering most of these floors are already made of recycled waste ash and limestone, this is a highly sustainable surface that can be repaired, refinished, or easily tinted without replacement.

If stained concrete appears to be a good possibility – whether due to cost, efficiency, or design appeal – look at what is locally available in concrete staining. Viewing examples of appealing installed concrete design is sometimes all that is necessary to be convinced that a decorative and artistically stained concrete floor whether inside or outside would be functional and good-looking!

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