There are a number of innovative ways in which concrete – those plain, gray cement slabs and surfaces – can be enhanced to be more attractive looking. Decorative techniques now exist that are as detailed as pouring a new surface and painting it with pigments or as simple as adding some natural tint as is done with concrete staining in College Station Texas. Of all the choices, the easiest and least expensive way to improve the appearance of cement surfaces is staining; it is easy to create a walkway in just a few hours.

Concrete Staining – Function

The process of adding stain or tint to existing concrete is similar to using watercolor paints on paper. Color ranges tend to be within the more natural hues, although there are some stains that provide a tint of blue, green, or even brownish-red to create good harmony with an area’s existing color palette. Shades of brown from light to dark and brownish-green seem most popular by adding a natural look to an otherwise non-natural environment.

To stain concrete in College Station, the concrete is prepared to retain a stain by removing any grease with a pressure washer and drying the cement; water-based acid is then applied and allowed to set 4 to 8 hours. The acid stains cause a chemical reaction with the hardened concrete similar to glass etching, leaving a permanent color behind. Once set long enough, the stain is rinsed, the cement thoroughly dried, and a sealant is applied.

Concrete Staining – Different Uses

Concrete staining in College Station TX can be used almost anywhere on any existing concrete or cement surfaces. Indoors or out, it can add warmth with color and give an appearance of texture to flat surfaces. It is also used with other decorative methods such as stamping and can be applied on entire surfaces or just small areas. The finished project adds character to a home interior or exterior; the process has become very popular for tinting patios, kitchen counter tops, bathroom surrounds, and more to look like some type of natural stone.

Concrete Staining – Right Application and Color

The stain used for concrete is available as either a liquid or gel and can be applied many with mops, brushes, rollers, etc., although the most recommended way for even color is to use a sprayer. Gels are recommended for non-horizontal surfaces as it doesn’t run off and ruin a design. To replicate natural surfaces to look more rustic, some applications look best when applied using manual methods specifically for the imperfections that occur.

Getting the preferred color is done in a number of ways. Pigments can be mixed to be stronger and more opaque or diluted to be more transparent and clear like a tint. Allowing pigment to set properly will give full color while earlier removal yields lighter tints. Many companies offer custom colors upon request as well.

Between the different color variations, application methods, and possible areas where concrete staining in College Station can be used, it is a very affordable, sustainable, and simple way to permanently change the appearance of old or new concrete. Occasional cleaning and sealing is all that is required to maintain this type of surface. Some consumers may want a more detailed route for stamped concrete in Bryan TX with unique designs and vibrant colors; for those seeking warmth and enhancement – staining is the best answer!


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