stamped_concrete_college_stationWho hasn’t placed their hands in web cement to leave a print – what fun to leave a mark for future viewers to see! The same thinking can now be applied to indoor and outdoor floor areas via the process of stamped concrete in Bryan Texas that can rapidly improve a home and its property both in value and appeal. An inexpensive way to add value and luxury is to apply a stamped concrete finish; it can often be done in very little time for a lower price than some remodeling ideas.

Stamped Concrete Process

The process also known as patterned or imprinted concrete is very simple. First, layers of a specially mixed concrete-epoxy blend are poured over a surface to be stamped. Because concrete alone would be either too rigid or too weak and be susceptible to cracking, concrete for stamping is mixed so that when it dries, a certain amount of flexibility is retained to prevent breaking or cracking.

Once the layer of prepared concrete has been laid, the actual stamp patterns made from polymer or metal are applied face-down onto the drying pavement to transfer the design. This is repeated until the entire area has the design, at which point color can be applied. To enable stamped concrete Bryan textures and patterns to look like different material, dyes of various colors are hand-applied to the concrete and blended before drying is complete. Once it has dried, a sealant is applied and the job is complete.

Style, Convenience, and Ease of Application

The most popular and easiest areas to use this type of finish around a home are with walkways and outdoor patios. In just a day, areas can be transformed from plain cement surfaces into detailed embellishments of almost any design. This process can be successfully used for indoor flooring as well, to replicate certain natural textures like slate, stone, and hardwoods; it creates a beautiful surfaces and adds style or warmth to a room.

When done professionally, it is hard to tell the difference between this type of faux flooring and the real thing. Imprinted concrete flooring, once it has been sealed, is very easy to keep clean. The dust and dirt it collects can be easily wiped away – and this floor surface does not retain moisture that allows the growth of unhealthy mold.

Understand The Application Process

The process of applying Bryan TX stamped concrete over any floor in a home is a simple one; however, it is important to learn about the process to make the end result exactly right. One of the hardest decisions to make is to decide on the pattern or texture and colors; it is similar to deciding on carpet styles or wall paint colors.

To achieve the best results, it is always wise to let professionals handle the actual work in order to get a desired 3-D effect from the dyes applied to the cement. The process is faster and less expensive than using the actual material, which makes stamped concrete a great bargain even with professional installers doing the work.

So when looking at an inexpensive way to perk up a home’s look and feel, consider using stamped concrete in Bryan TX! Like leaving hand prints in wet concrete, using stamped concrete will also leave a lasting imprint on a home’s appearance!

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