Concrete Overays Bryan TXConcrete flooring has become very popular and can be a beautiful, durable, and efficient choice for many types of surfaces, which in turn has opened the door for some very original innovations in the world of concrete overlays in Bryan Texas. Besides the ability to turn this type of floor into a work of art, overlays serve a very practical purpose as well. For those who suffer from allergies of different types, concrete overlays can play a big role in keeping a home clean enough to reduce allergy difficulties.

Allergies and Flooring

There are many different ways in which allergies show up, from the various causes of asthma difficulties to allergic rhinitis caused by seasonal problems – and even allergies to dust mites. This allergen is particularly difficult to remove, as it is practically impossible to rid a space of every speck of dust – and dust mites as well. To make matters worse, cleaning attempts to get rid of dust and mites usually aggravates the problem by getting stirred up and reintroduced into the household air.

Carpets are the worst offenders when it comes to retaining allergens in a home. The best-looking carpet will collect dust, let alone the amount of dust an old carpet contains. Carpet chemicals used in cleaning are another problem as well, giving off volatile fumes and spreading some mold as well that just cannot be removed.

Other surfaces such as vinyl flooring and even tiles can breed mold, trap moisture, and cause difficult health problems over time. It has generally been understood that hardwood floors are the easiest to keep clean and allergen-free; however, even that type of flooring can present problems if moisture becomes trapped under the individual boards. Laminate is better in that respect, yet it also can give off fumes after a while.

Concrete Overlays and Air Quality

When properly installed, concrete overlays in Bryan TX can remove all of the above-mentioned issues, making them a preferable choice for any home where keeping allergens down is a high priority. The key to the best results is correct installation.

The main benefit to be gained when replacing an existing floor with a concrete overlay is two-fold: it can be installed over most base floors and it offers a sealed surface from wall to wall when properly installed. By removing seams, cracks and natural grain, it is impossible for these floors to grow mold. When sealed with a non-VOC epoxy sealer, it does not give off toxic fumes. In addition, it is extremely easy to keep clean, requiring only frequent damp mopping to keep a concrete floor clean. As a result, it is much easier to control dust and prevent being inhabited by dust mites, at least in the flooring material.

In homes where allergy problems are a concern especially for those who react to such problems with asthma, concrete overlays in Bryan Texas have become a favorite choice in providing a cleaner and healthier environment. Concrete flooring can be installed to look like other material such as stone, wood, slate or tile and yet the entire surface is sealed as the look of grain and grouting happens on the top surface only. Those in the market for new flooring – especially anyone who is fighting poor indoor air quality and high allergens – should strongly consider that having a concrete overlay installed could be the perfect allergy solution!


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