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Concrete Flooring – The Information You Need To Know!

CIMG0453Anyone who is considering installing new flooring is faced with an abundance of choices in what type of flooring to select. Concrete as a decorative and durable floor covering surface has been gaining popularity in recent years for good reason. Perfect for creating spectacular concrete designs in Bryan Texas, it provides many benefits and beauty that lasts longer than many other surfaces.

Concrete Flooring Installation

The installation of concrete flooring involves having an appropriate base to hold the cement mixture. Outdoors, there is usually a framed bed of gravel and then sand, with concrete poured on top. The process is somewhat different indoors as there is obviously no digging down to the soil level, even in a basement.

Indoors, all sub-flooring must be exposed and cleaned. Than a sheet of vapor barrier is laid and a sheet of welded mesh over that, both of which are held down with staples. Once those two coverings are in place, the mixture of cement and polyurethane or some other additive is poured over the area. The mixture is troweled flat and even; when dry, the surface is basically done. At that time, any concrete designs such as coloring and texture can be added to the surface; the final step is a coating of sealant.

Concrete Flooring Benefits

In addition to ease of installation and great appearance, there are other benefits to be gained from this type of unique flooring installation.

  • Durability – Durability is one of the main benefits obtained when using concrete as flooring, since it is resistant to stains and burns as well as most scratches and scuffs. In rare instances it can be chipped or cracked; however, this is unlikely indoors and can be repaired.
  • Efficiency – Another advantage frequently noticed after installation of a concrete floor is increased efficiency. If sealed correctly, this type of installation prevents moisture and mold growth that can occur between tiles, under grouting, and even within wood grain. It also keeps homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
  • Cleanliness – As for cleanliness, concrete is one of the best types of flooring for anyone with allergies or pets, as these surfaces are easy to keep swept and damp mopped, helping to reduce allergens in that room and even throughout the house due to less particles going through the HVAC system.

Concrete Flooring Finishes

Gone are the days when concrete floors looked plain and gray. There are incredible processes for concrete design in Bryan TX that can turn colored cement mixtures into: a faux texture with stamps and pigments; works of art with metal inlays and different colored dyes; or even highly buffed, polished surfaces resembling marble, ceramic and other more expensive surfaces. The possibilities are endless, only limited by the types of stamp patterns available and the creative ideas of flooring contractors. The end result, whether a more natural look or an opulent one, will always be an addition to any home like no other, one that will last a lifetime.

Anyone interested in the idea of installing a concrete floor should contact a local contractor to discuss cost, time to install, concrete designs available in Bryan, or any other questions. The options are nearly endless, so consider the above benefits and enjoy the beauty of concrete flooring!

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Concrete Designs Bryan

Consider Eco-Friendly Designed Concrete Floors!

Concrete Designs BryanAs the search for building supplies that are less expensive and kinder to the environment has expanded, the use of concrete has substantially increased. Although the thought of concrete usually brings visions of sidewalks and cement block, concrete designs in Bryan TX has made its way inside homes and buildings as a very cost-effective, environmentally-friendly material for counter tops, vanities, bath surrounds, and more. Flooring is one of its more popular uses, adding character to any room while helping going green at the same time.

Unique Concrete Material

No matter how it is used, one of the great aspects about concrete is that it consists of abundantly available material. Limestone is one of the main materials, along with sand; concrete can also be made by recycling certain industrial waste materials. Fly ash, silica fume, and slag cement – all manufacturing waste from steel mills, power plants and others – is plentiful and readily available.

Mixed with polymers and other ingredients turns regular concrete into a more durable flooring material that can be manipulated to create different finishes and designs. It is an affordable option and reduces the amount of manufacturing waste and can even be mixed with other materials such as crushed glass, metal shavings and marble chips to produce concrete designs in Bryan Texas that are unique eco-friendly surfaces.

A Green Solution for Many Problems

The fact that concrete can be made so efficiently is just one of the benefits to this flooring option. Completed concrete flooring is extremely durable and very easy to keep clean; it is also a great option over carpet wherever mold, dander, dust, and other allergens must be controlled; a quick, daily sweep or damp mopping leaves this flooring clean and allergy-free and can even be recycled and turned back into new concrete.

When it comes to heating and cooling, concrete flooring is very efficient when used the right ways. In warmer weather, it stays much cooler than other material. In cold weather, it can be warmed via passive heating by letting natural sunlight shine through windows to heat the floor – or it can be heated with radiant floor heating installed underneath. All of these scenarios make good use of concrete’s natural properties to reduce utility bills.

Beautiful Results

What is especially appealing about concrete flooring is the incredible concrete designs in Bryan that can be created. By using different techniques, dyes and materials, it is possible to create faux patterns such as marble, cobblestone, slate and more. Stamped concrete Bryan floors can be created to include decorative patterns and borders, metallic flake, and inlaid designs to name a few – the sky is literally the limit for choice.

For a truly unique floor that looks much more expensive than it is, explore the option of having concrete design Bryan TX flooring installed. Websites of companies offering such services have examples of these masterpieces showing the versatility of the material and the different types of designs that can be accomplished. With the ability to create one-of-a-kind designs and an eco-friendly appeal, the choice of concrete flooring is really a very easy decision to make!


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